Pela Case: The Eco-friendly & Stylish Case for Your iPhone

Pela Case

Phone cases! This is something that we think about when we walk out of the store with newly bought phones in our hands. Well, at least that was the first thing that I thought about when opening my iPhone 6, and yes, a phone case does matter a lot to me. I want my phone case to represent me while it protects my phone from my clumsy self that drops it every 5 minutes, and it had to be the perfect size because I still want to be able to put it in my pocket. So, finding the right case was tricky for me, but that was until I found Pela Case on Instagram.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the products mentioned and my opinions are my own.

Bethanny, what in the world is Pela Case?
Pela Case
Pela Case for iPhone 6s

Good question. Pela Case is basically an iPhone case, but there is nothing basic about it. Pela Case is a super innovative case that is not only stylish, but also Eco-friendly at the same time. A Pela Case is made out of a plant base material, which makes the item seem like it is plastic. The official term of this is bioplastic, and in this case, the plants incorporated are flax straws. When extracting flax seeds, the residue of the flax straw is usually burned. However, Pela Case’s founder, Jeremy Lang, thought of the idea of incorporating flax straw into bioplastic. Jeremy also thought about the fact that the average individual would change phone cases every 18 months. So, he came up with the idea of a sustainable and biodegradable phone case that is known today as the Pela Case. Pretty interesting story right? Read more at their official site if you want to know more in detail.

How are you liking the case?


Honestly, I love my Pela Case! As seen from the photos, I ordered the white one just because I love neutral colors and it looks sophisticated with any type of background. However, the case comes in a variety of color and you can choose which ever color you like. As for the feel of the case, it’s pretty sturdy. I thought it was going to have the same feeling as a silicone case but it is better than that. The case does not make my phone look bulky, which I think is great because I like my phone to be able to fit into my pocket. Overall, my experience with the Pela Case has been pleasant. It’s not only pretty, but I am also supporting a good cause. Could one ask for more?

Get your Pela now!

If you go through my lifestyle section, you see that I only support brands that I love and brands that will accompany me wherever I go; same goes for the Pela Case. I can definitely see myself traveling around with this case and I’ll definitely not be getting another phone case. Now, I’m not going to tell you to get one. Instead, I want to ask you to give it a try. Try getting your own Pela Case and see if you love it. And I heard that if you sign up with your email, you can actually get a special discount.  So, click this link and get your Pela now!



P.S.: If you are already using Pela Case, feel free to share your experience! And do you know any other sustainable brands in regards of phone cases? Don’t be shy to share!

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    1. Yeah, I think that is the only down side. They are still building up as a company so they aren’t making more models apart from the iPhone. But let’s hope they do in the future!

  1. I like that it is an eco-friendly case… That said, I have an Android not an iPhone so it would be nice if they make them as a universal option.

    1. Yes I do think the same. However, they are still a start up company so I understand that it will probably take time until they can produce more variety of phone cases.

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